Breast Augmentation, Short Scar Surgical Procedure


Short scar Breast Augmentation is an aim when a woman is seeking for Breast development to reshape and improve the size of her breasts. Primary breast augmentation procedures were carried out by quite an ample sized incision to insert an implant into the breast.


Latest innovations in Breast Augmentation:

As the technology has enhanced and latest innovation has been taken place in modern surgical procedures, the processes of implants also get developed. Now it became feasible to constrict the silicone gel implants with more tiny and smaller incisions, therefore reducing the visibility of scars.

It is a fact that in the past majority of the Breast Augmentation procedures were performed through the breast line located beneath the breast. Doctors were utilizing very large scars for breast reduction and on this pattern the surgical procedures continued.

Difference between Breast Reduction and Breast Augmentation:

It will be important to notify here that there is a clear distinction between a Breast Reduction surgery and a Breast Augmentation surgery. Women with very huge and heavy breasts are very annoying and distressed with the size and they dint have any objection with the long scars as they get relieved after this load and burden is eliminated.

Alternatively, the women seeking for the procedure of Breast Augmentation are merely cosmetic patients due to the reason they do not prefer to have any scare at all. Their major concern to avoid larger and visible scars has provoked the plastic surgeons to think about making the scars as small as possible.

Procedure of Short Scar Breast Augmentation:

With the procedure of saline implants the scars can actually be very small due to the reason the implant can be made just similar to a cigar and positioned in the breast pocket prior to fill with a connecting tube. This tube is instantly taken out after the implant is filled.

As it is stated before that silicone gel implants are utilized for ling lasting effects and of better strength now and they can be constricted through comparatively tiny incisions in the armpit, below the breast line or around the areola.

Jan 08 , 2013
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