Breast Lift in Pakistan


Breast is an important aspect of personality of every woman. Size and shape of breast are a common cause of concern for many women. Women who have firm and fuller breast usually enjoy greater levels of confidence and well-being. The advancement in technology and cosmetic surgery has enabled us to change the size and shape of breast in many ways. Women don’t have to live with the sense of inferiority anymore. Here we’ll discuss what the breast lift in Pakistan is all about and how can we help you to have perfect breast.

Is there any difference between breast lift and breast augmentation?

The answer is a straight YES. Breast lift and breast augmentation are different procedures. Many women need either a lift or augmentation. In many instances however, a woman may need both procedures to have an ideal breast. Let’s discuss each procedure to have an idea, what procedure is right for you?

Breast Augmentation

This procedure is used when a woman wants her breast to be bigger and fuller. In many instances, women’s breasts are under developed and small. Due to smaller breast, these women lack a feminine look. In situations like that breast lift in Pakistan is the most suitable option.

Breast Lift

This procedure is used when women are happy with the size of their breast but they feel that the shape is saggy. The breast can become loose due to many reasons. Some women have loose breast naturally, but most of the women develop this condition with time. Age, repeated pregnancy, breastfeeding and variations in weight can cause the breasts to become loose. In these conditions, a lift will be adequate to regain the shape of your breast.

Signs that you need a Breast Lift

In the following circumstances, breast lift in Pakistan has an appropriate solution for you.

  • You are happy with the size of your breast but not happy with the shape and firmness.
  • Your breast looks saggy and loose.
  • Your nipples and areola (round darker skin around the nipples) are hanging below the crease (the line where your breast meets chest wall)
  • Your nipples point downward, instead of pointing straight or upwards.

Signs that you need a lift along with Augmentation

There are many instances when you will require augmentation in conjunction with a lift to have an ideal breast.

  • In addition to the shape of the breast, you also want to make your breast bigger.
  • One of your breasts is noticeably smaller than other one and you want to make them equal.
  • Some accident or injury damaged your breast.

These are the simple guidelines to help you decide the right procedure for you. But to make the most appropriate decision, about breast lift in Pakistan please contact our professional staff. Our professional staff will examine your breast and medical history. They will discuss in detail, what you think about your breast and what changes would you like to make. After considering all this information, they will recommend an appropriate solution for you.