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Hair transplant is an ideal and safe procedure for men and women. It is the only treatment that gives you permanent hair. It can also replace eye brows, eye lashes, chest hair, beard hair and pubic hair. No matter what is the reason behind hair loss, anyone can benefit from hair transplant.

Follicular unit extraction is a modern technique for hair transplant. It removes one hair follicle at a time and transplants it in the form of natural groupings of 1 to 4 hairs. It produces natural results and no one can guess that you have a hair transplant. A carefully done FUE hair transplant usually does not result in any serious complications. It is less painful, does not leave scars on scalp and normally you can go back to work the same day you have FUE hair transplant.

Strip harvest hair transplant is used to transplant larger number of hair follicles in each session. It takes a strip of hair follicles from the side or the back of the head and plants it on bald or balding site. It is less time consuming procedure as compared to FUE.

Now, you should not worry about your thin hair or bald scalp because you can enjoy new and permanent hair with hair transplant. An extra degree of care is needed when you make a decision about selecting a clinic. Because with a lot of players in the field, it has become difficult to choose the right clinic who have unbeatable service standards. Before deciding for a clinic, check their repute, ask them for their Hair Transplant videos and before and after pictures of their patients.