Hemangiomas should be treated at the earliest possible

hemangiomaIf you have a new born child then it is often likely that he or she would be having some kind of a birth mark on a certain part of the skin. However, if you see that there is some abnormally large accumulation of blood vessels under the skin then these are symptoms of Hemangiomas. It is one of the most common types of birthmarks / anomalies that can affect new born children. Once you are sure about this condition, it is time to look for the treatment. Nevertheless, below given are some factors that you need to take into account:

  • The symptoms of this defect normally appear during the first couple of days or even week of life and in some cases it can be resolved by the time they reach the age of ten.
  • Hemangiomas are formed when there is an abnormal build up of the person’s blood vessels located either in the skin or the internal organs and is more common in women than it is in men but only affects around 7% of healthy people.
  • This skin condition may also be referred to as a tumor, but not cancerous. If doesn’t affect just one part of the body as it may be found almost anywhere in the blood.
  • There are two types of Hemangiomas, classified simply as either “superficial” or “deep”. The superficial hemangiomas appear above the surface of the skin and deep hemangiomas appear below.
  • The deep ones appear as a blue or gray discoloration on a portion of skin, while superficial hemangiomas will appear as a bright red and raised growth.
  • Hemangiomas can appear anywhere on the body, but are generally found on the upper body, such as face and neck. In most cases, they are benevolent and slowly disappear over time.
  • If a hepatic Hemangioma is large and causing the person to experience symptoms of illness, then there is a need of surgically removing as the best option.
Feb 27 , 2013
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