Injecting Beauty with Mesotherapy

mesotherapy-treatmentMesotherapy is a wonderful technique of cellulite reduction without having to go under the knife, unlike liposuction or a tummy tuck.

It is being used in Europe and South America for several decades to break down fatty tissues and cellulite in the body.

Mesotherapy is one of several non-invasive body contouring procedures that involves injecting amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that work together to break down fat cells and eliminate the cells from the body naturally.

The injection also numbs the body to feel any pain as it contains natural anesthetics. These small doses of the substances are administered using tiny needles in specific areas depending on the condition being treated.

Mesotherapy is used to treat a broad range of illness and pain conditions including sports injuries, hair regrowth, alopecia, skin treatments and dark circles treatment.

Some commonly asked questions regarding mesotherapy are the following:

  1. What areas of the body can mesotherapy treat?

Mesotherapy can be used for cellulite reduction, body fat reduction, body sculpturing, weight loss, facial rejuvenation (meso lift, meso glow) and eye fat pads.

  1. What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

Some of the benefits of mesotherapy include:

  1. Non-invasive nature
  2. Doesn’t require general anesthesia
  3. Can be done on an outpatient basis
  4. Produces even results
  5. Stimulates improved blood circulation to treated area
  6. Helps relieve muscle spasms
  7. Offers long lasting results as long as the person maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle
  1. Is Mesotherapy treatment painful?

No, these treatments vary from being painless to being mildly uncomfortable. Your physicians can limit any discomfort you may experience during the procedure in many ways. If you find the treatment very painful, you can be given a pain reliever.

  1. Who is a good candidate for mesotherapy?

Women and men who are 18 and above and are in good physical and mental healthy are suitable candidates of mesotherapy. Mesotherapy tests are done on one part of the body to test if it suits a candidate. Mesotherapy is most effective when combined with a lifestyle of good nutrition, diet and exercise. A healthy lifestyle and regimen must be followed to prolong the effects of mesotherapy.

Apr 04 , 2013

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