Laser Skin Rejuvenation To Awaken The Skin

Laser skin rejuvenation is a highly sought after cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effects of sun damage, aging, smoking and certain facial skin conditions.

This treatment is non-invasive and does not require extensive surgery such as in the case of a facelift or a neck lift. Laser skin rejuvenation revives the skin and makes it look impeccably youthful, smooth and spotless.

Air pollution and sun exposure lead to changes in your skin’s texture and elasticity. With this damage, the outer layer of skin becomes thicker and the inner layer becomes thinner causing the production of collagen to slow down. This results in the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and roughness on the skin.

Laser skin rejuvenation is the right choice for those who want to enhance and improve the appearance of their skin. Women and men who have benefited from laser skin rejuvenation have not only seen an enhancement in their beauty but also a boost in their self-confidence and self-esteem.

This is probably the reason why laser skin rejuvenation is increasingly becoming popular and demanded by many. Some frequently asked questions regarding laser skin rejuvenation are the following:

What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a skin revitalizing treatment that diminishes the appearance of flaws on the skin’s surface. During the laser skin resurfacing procedure a laser is used to dissolve the molecular bonds of the damaged skin cells layer by layer until a smoother, more even-toned skin appearance is achieved. This procedure may also be referred to as laser skin peeling because of its away the damaged skin.

What can laser skin rejuvenation treat?

Laser skin rejuvenation can treat the following conditions:

  • Static Wrinkles: These wrinkles are constant in nature and visible at all times. They do not change in appearance with facial movement.
  • Pigmentation: These consist of the accumulation of melanin rich freckles, sun spots, melasma or other darkened patches of skin that result from sun exposure.
  • Scars: Scars that occur because of acne or injury to the skin can be treated. Scars that are pitted, discolored or have raised borders can all be treated.
  • Vascular conditions: Blood vessels that are visible on the skin or vascular lesions that appear as tiny blood filled blisters can be treated.
  • Loose Skin: Certain environmental and health factors lead to decreased collagen production and weakening of the supportive skin structure. The results are a loss of skin firmness and development of cellulite.

Who is a good candidate for laser skin rejuvenation?

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure you should undergo laser skin rejuvenation for yourself and not to fulfill someone else’s desires of what they deem “right” You are a good candidate if you are in good physical and mental health, if you don’t smoke and if you have realistic expectations regarding the surgery.

Not everyone is a good candidate for this, those with olive, sun tanned or black skin may take longer to regain their normal complexion after treatment, those who are prone to scarring or those taking certain medications with a skin disorder would not be good candidates. A consultation session and examination by your dermatologist will confirm whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

Mar 05 , 2013
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