Medical Treatments for Hair Loss

There are multiple reasons that can cause hair loss like poor diet, hormonal imbalance, surgery and some medicines.Although both, men and women, face hair loss but its pattern is different in both. Men usually have receding frontal hairline and bald patch on the crown and the pattern is called male pattern baldness. It runs in families and is caused when hormone dihydrotestosterone causes susceptible hair follicle to shrink and finally they die, making a bald patch on scalp. As compared to men, women usually do not face bald patches rather an overall thinning of hair and this pattern is known as female pattern baldness.

The cosmetic industry is earning billions of dollars all over the world by selling everything from balms to sprays, claiming that they are the best solutions for hair loss. In fact, there are no empirical studies or substantial proofs to support their claims. Most of the dermatologists agree that surgical hair transplantation coupled with prescription hair loss medicines is currently the most effective hair loss cure.

Medicines for hair loss cure


Finasteride is generally prescribed for men only because in women who are or may become pregnant it can cause birth defects. It is available in pill form and is reported to stop hair loss and regrow hair.


It is considered to be a good medicine for all types of hair loss. It is either sprayed or rubbed into the scalp once or twice a day. It is often prescribed for women because they cannot take finasteride. Some people who take minoxidil develop thin hair. However, it is reported that it shows good effects on people younger than 30 years of age who have been losing hair for less than 5 or 6 years.

Surgical treatment for hair loss

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical treatment that involves removing hair follicles from one area of scalp and planting them into another area which is facing hair thinning or bald patches.

Modern techniques of hair transplant do not leave linear scars on scalp and give permanent hair. New hair starts appearing 6 to 7 months after surgery and they look quite natural. It is considered to be the best answer for those who want new hair.

Apr 18 , 2013
Hair Transplant

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