Port Wine Stains require effective treatment

port-wine-stain-effective-treatment There are certain skin orders that often have so much resemblance with each other. This resemblance often becomes confusing when someone is looking for a treatment such as in case of port wine stains. These are actually birthmarks that very much similar like maroon wine being spilled or splashed on the skin. Unlike some other skin problems they are not all that common and can be found in only 3 out of every 1,000 kids born. Initially, they often start up with a pink appearance at the time of birth but tend to become darker normally reddish-purple or dark red as the child grows.

Considering that this type of skin condition is quite rare and there are only few cases in which they appear. For this reason, there so many people who are least aware of what port wine stains actually are. Given below is some useful information about them:

  1. The stains can appear anywhere on the body but most commonly are found on the face, neck, scalp, arms, or legs and the size usually grows in proportion with a child.
  2. They are formed when an area of skin doesn’t get any or an insufficient supply of nerve fibers, which is responsible for keeping blood vessels narrow.
  3. Due to the lack of nerve fibers, small blood vessels or capillaries start expanding thus causing a greater amount of blood to flow into the blood vessels, resulting in a stain to form under the skin.
  4. It is not quite possible to prevent port wine stains as they are not formed by anything wrong which might have been committed by a woman during pregnancy.
  5. They can also be confused with hemangiomas that are bright red, raised birthmarks. Deep hemangiomas often called “cavernous” appear as bluish-red, puffier birthmark.
  6. The stains are usually harmless birthmarks that do not cause any problems or pain but if appear on or near the eye or on the forehead, they need to be monitored because there can be problems like seizures, developmental delays, and learning disabilities.
  7. If we talk about the best treatment available for port wine stains then laser is considered to be the best option. Laser therapies can make many them much less noticeable and give kids’ self-esteem which boosts confidence.
  8. When the stains are left untreated, they can start bleeding, or cause loss of function if located near a patient’s eye, nose or ear. Usually they are treated with a pulsed dye laser, which is a laser machine that produces incredibly short and very intense bursts of laser energy.
Mar 19 , 2013
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