Post Surgical Scars can be properly wiped off

Post surgical scars treatment in pakistanThe surgical procedure are actually meant so as to make a body organ function properly or any notable improvement in the overall appearance of a person. Nevertheless, there are people who are quite hesitant undergoing any of the surgical procedures due to the fact that they often leave what are known as post surgical scars. As the name implies, these are marks left over as a result of any major surgery which is often an invasive one. Although good surgeons try their best so as to minimize the appearance of scars after the surgery but that is not quite possible.

If we look at some of the example then it comes to mind that performing a surgery with an intention that no scar would be left over is not quite possible. For example, if we talk about some of the major surgeries performed these days like hair transplant and tummy tuck, the probability of post surgical scars is always there. However, with a number of treatments and cosmetic procedures available today, getting rid of all such scars is no more something that may be considered as exceptionally difficult. If removal is not possible then minimizing the appearance can be achieved.

Given below is information about some of the methods and techniques that are being used these days and quite effective in making the post surgical scars disappear or atleast become less visible:

  1. The insertion of acupuncture needles around the scarring can bring about some very effective results in reducing or minimizing the appearance of the scars.
  2. Applying soaked sheets of silica and silicone gel directly to the scarring and neighboring skin promotes healing of scarring and the skin if worn for an extended periods of time.
  3. Essential Oils extracted from plants and can be beneficial for scarring and skin healing but should not be applied directly to the skin or the scarring. It is good to mix them with other beneficial ingredients.
  4. There are certain Chinese herbal formulas like Arnica (Leopardbane) and/or Calendula (Marigold) which promote post surgical scars healing. In form of a gel ideally without alcohol or petroleum base can be also be applied to the surrounding area of the surgery.
  5. Wurn massage is another useful technique to reduce post surgery adhesions along with injection of procaine around scarring and other areas which normalizes the electro chemical activity of the local cells.

The choice of any technique used depends on a number of factors so it is good to consult a professional dermatologist who will be able give a better advice.

Mar 13 , 2013
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