Removing Conspicuous Birthmarks with Laser Treatment

Most people are born with birthmarks that are often small and are hidden by clothing. A birthmark is important as it carries sentimental value as well as provides official identification. However, sometimes birthmarks can be unsightly and highly prominent especially those that appear on the face or neck and cover a large portion.

These conspicuous birthmarks can be a source of great psychological and social stress. They can hide a person’s facial beauty overshadowing all their other features. There are two types of birthmarks, the first type is the vascular birthmarks, which is caused by an irregularity in the blood vessels, and are red in color. The second type is the pigmented birthmarks, which are brown in color and could be very large.

Many birthmarks fade for some people as they grow old but more commonly they remain if untreated. Traditional methods for treating birthmarks included cryosurgery (freezing off the birthmark), traditional surgery, ablative laser surgery, and the use of steroid medications. All of these methods were effective but painful and potentially resulted in scarring and required lengthy recovery times.

Hence, advances in cosmetic surgery discovered a Laser treatment for birthmarks using the IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) which is non-invasive and highly effective.

A series of treatments can remove an unsightly birthmark for life.

The treatment usually takes about 20 minutes however, the duration will vary from person to person and some may even require a series of treatments to see the best results. A topical anesthetic and a cold gel in applied to the treatment area and the patient is given eye protection. During the treatment, the smooth glass surface of the laser hand piece is swiftly applied to the skin and precise pulses of light penetrate the area being treated.

The pain level is minimal, as the treated area is made numb to pain with anesthetics and cold air-cooling. Most patients describe the sensation as a rubber band mildly being snapped to their skin. It is normal to see some redness in the treated area but the results are visible within a few days with clear, smooth and even toned skin.

Feb 20 , 2013
Laser Treatments

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