Revitalizing the Skin Organically With Green Peels

green-peels-in-pakistanThe skin is one part of the body that can either make you or break you. Spectacular skin can make you shine in a crowd whereas having dull, scarred or acne-ridden skin overshadows even the most beautiful of facial features.

Hence, advances in cosmetic surgery and science have shown amazing treatments to revitalize and renew the skin. One such miraculous treatment is the Herbal Green Peel that was developed 35 years ago by a German Dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammek. Today a green peel is highly demanded in over forty countries in the world.

What sets apart a green peel is that it is natural, medically discovered, herb and plant based and has produced successful results for over thirty years.

A green peel works to exfoliate the top damaged layers of the skin by using one hundred percent natural leaf and plant extracts to reveal a new, fresh, smooth and rejuvenated skin.
Some frequently asked questions regarding a green peel are the following:

What can a green peel treat?

A green peel can treat the following conditions:

  1. Acne
  2. Skin Impurities
  3. Sun-damaged skin
  4. Discoloration
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Loose and saggy skin in upper arms, thighs and belly
  7. Cellulite
  8. General skin rejuvenation of dull and tired skin

How does a green peel work?

An herbal deep peeling treatment comprises of a special blend of plants and natural herbs that are used to peel off the epidermal layers of the skin without using any chemicals or synthetics. A green peel increases blood circulation of the skin causing the top damaged layers to peel off. The blood stimulation intensifies metabolism and enforces healthy, smooth and young looking skin. The best thing about a green peel unlike a chemical peel is that it has no side effects and even if it touches the eyes, it will not cause stinging.

What happens immediately after the green peel process?

After the green peel treatment, the skin becomes a little red and stingy similar to a mild sunburn. You experience skin peeling away after three to four days, this is barely noticeable and you can continue working normally as it does not require taking time off. On the fourth or fifth day, a follow-up treatment takes place. The dermatologist massages your skin and uses an active preparation that is absorbent. There is no redness on the treated skin and your complexion becomes considerably improved, even-toned, clear, fresh and glowy.

Mar 21 , 2013

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