Skin Rejuvenation Can Change Your Life


The skin is one part of the human body that is most susceptible to change. You stay at the beach for one hour and you will notice prominent tan lines or you go to a cool area and live there for a week and you will notice fairness in your complexion.

Similarly, the effects of aging and environmental factors such as pollution and toxins in the air can leave the skin dry, brittle, wrinkled and spotted. Cosmetic surgery has helped devised ways to rejuvenate the skin with the help of minimally invasive procedures.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation is one such procedure that helps to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tones, patchy textures around the mouth, eyes and forehead area. This treatment removes the top damaged layers of the skin to reveal a clear, smooth and youthful layer from underneath.

The successful, visible and effective results of laser skin rejuvenation make it a highly demanded choice being more preferred than chemical peels or dermabrasion. The treatment can also reduce acne scars, pigmentation and other facial flaws.

This treatment is a quick and risk-free substitute to a surgical facelift or neck lift. It has helped thousands of women regain youthful and vibrant skin.

Some  frequently asked questions regarding laser skin resurfacing are the following:

How many kinds of laser treatments are there?

This treatment can be performed with numerous laser devices including the CO2, Erbium, Fractional or Pulsed Dye Laser. Each skin type is more suited towards a different approach. A CO2 laser is more aggressive and treats acute scars and facial lines, it requires just a single treatment and recovery times may be more intense but the results are generally more effective. The Erbium, PDL and fractional lasers have little downtime and are commonly used for mild skin conditions.

How does this treatment work?

The cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist uses a hand-held laser device that delivers laser energy over the area the treatable area. The laser vaporizes a layer of tissue to promote new growth or congeal microscopic tissue and stimulate collagen production. The procedure can last up to an hour but it varies according to the type of device used and the size of the treated area.

Is it painful?

No, laser skin rejuvenation is not painful as a topical, local or general anesthesia is often given prior to the treatment when more intense lasers are used. The recovery times also vary. A non-stick dressing is provided as an antibiotic cream to minimize the risk of infection.


Apr 01 , 2013

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