The Wonders of Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound


Close your eyes and imagine your skin with a flawless complexion, tightness, small pores, radiance, glow, smoothness and clearness. Just the thought of having such skin makes one euphoric.

Microdermabrasion is one marvelous treatment that can actually make you achieve all of those. It rejuvenates your skin through skin exfoliation and stimulates your skin’s own renewing process. One can see a considerable improvement in their skin after just a single treatment.

Conventionally, microdermabrasion uses diamonds, crystals and sandy grains to scrape off the damaged top layer of the skin to reveal a new one. But the more sophisticated and advanced microdermabrasion with ultra sound uses sound waves to gently exfoliate the outermost skin cells in the epidermis and vacuum the dead skin cells away allowing the body to replace them quicker than it naturally would.

Microdermabrasion can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reverse the outward signs of aging, minimize pores and clean clogged pores, remove brown spots and pigmentation, lighten skin blemishes, brighten dull or thickened skin and exfoliate dead skin cells under the eyes.

Moreover, it works intensively to reduce the signs of aging, cleansing and minimizing pores without the dangers of a chemical peel. It can reduce scars and pores on the nose. Smoothness, radiance and fresh glow can be felt after just one treatment.

The best thing about the microdermabrasion with ultrasound is that it is non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that lifts facial muscles and helps the skin absorb serums and skincare products that you apply deep into the skin.

Some frequently asked questions about microdermabrasion with ultrasound are the following:

How does Microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion contains of diamond tools to gently remove the top layer of the skin, which is composed of dead skin cells. This process stimulates skin rejuvenation, blood circulation and promotes collagen production, new cell growth and radiant skin.

There is no discomfort or irritation after treatment and there is no down time. Serums and skin care products are also used to nourish the skin to help achieve flawless, healthy and balanced skin.

How is microdermabrasion with ultrasound different?

The ultrasound is much easier on the skin as it uses sound waves instead of hard substances. It lifts sagging skin to firm the muscles and promote the absorption of skin products and serums into the skin. In addition, traditional microdermabrasion uses crystals that are made of aluminum oxide that has been suspected as a cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Apr 08 , 2013

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